Prepare for a Donkey [E-book]

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With a focus on essential aspects, such as feeding, grooming, healthcare, and training, this eBook equips readers with the knowledge needed to provide optimal care for their donkeys.

eBook Contents:

  1. Key Donkey Facts
  2. Perks of Having a Donkey
  3. Choosing the Right Donkey
  4. Preparing for Your Donkey
    • How Much Land Would You Require to Raise a Donkey?
    • Shelter and Area Requirements for Your Donkey
    • Type of Flooring to Use
    • Fencing
    • Make Sure They Have a Companion
  5. What to Feed Your Donkey
    • Straw
    • Hay
    • High-Fiber Pellets
    • What to Feed Your Donkey During Winter?
    • Treats For Donkeys
    • Vitamin Supplements
    • Water Requirements
    • Plants that are Poisonous to Donkeys
    • What NOT to Feed Your Donkeys
  6. Grooming Your Donkey
    • Hoof Care
    • Hair Clipping
  7. Training Your Donkey
    • How to Discipline Donkeys?
    • How to Stop Bad Behaviors?
    • Halter Training and Training to Pull Cart
  8. Know Your Donkey's Growth
    • Average Life Expectancy
    • Their Lifecycle
    • Healthy Ways to Adopt to Extend the Donkey’s Lifespan
  9. How to Keep Donkeys Healthy
    • Basic Donkey Care
    • Importance of Keeping a Close Eye on their Diet
    • Quality Check on Food Supplied
    • Keeping Check of Symptoms of Discomfort
    • Exercise and Training
    • Vaccinations and Health Checkups
  10. How Do Donkeys Behave?
    • Basic Behavioral Patterns
    • Behavioral Problems and Factors Affecting It
    • How to Fix Behavioral Problems?
    • Donkeys Creating Bonds
  11. Donkeys and Other Farm Animals
    • Do Donkeys Get Along with Other Animals?
    • Donkeys Acting as Guardians of the Herd
    • Hostility Towards Dogs
  12. Some Takeaway Points
  13. Links and Resources


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Prepare for a Donkey [E-book]

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